Protect the Homes and Habitat of Historic Maguire/UVS Villages: Stop the Demolition!

We are your friends, your neighbors, your teaching assistants, and we need your help, as our homes are under immediate threat!  Through an unfortunate rush to update the 2020 Housing Master Plan, UF Housing staff overlooked the needs of graduate students, and forced through a terrible plan to destroy 348 units of beautiful, affordable housing on the Gainesville, FL, campus, which will primarily affect vulnerable, low-income families, the vast majority of whom are international students.  In order to put pressure of UF to reverse this decision, we are calling on people from all over the world to sign our Petition to demand that UF save this historic place as well as the critical ecosystem it provides.  

Feel free to learn more about the background to this issue on this site, which we will continue to update regularly.  If you wish to volunteer, please email us at SaveUFGradHousing[at]  Thank you!

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"it is pretty apparent that removing 348 units of housing in one big demolition that can easily shelter 700+ people is problematic . . ."
Raymer F. Maguire III, Esquire
One of the people for whom Maguire Village was named

Three major bodies representing graduate students at UF endorsed a letter to local commissioners in 2021 asking them to reject UF’s proposed plan to destroy Maguire Village and UVS.

Furthermore, the Student Government of UF, representing ALL 50,000+ students, including undergrads, unanimously passed a resolution decrying UF’s plans to level this wonderful area of campus.

Raymer Maguire Village Honorary Plaque

Hundreds of large and historic trees, as well as all the gardens and landmarks of Maguire/UVS, are also on the chopping block.

In 2020, UF glossed over the fact that any grad student housing would be lost at all when they “selectively” informed local government officials of UF’s plans for future campus housing. They only mentioned an increase in new beds for “honors students, general undergraduate population, and student-athletes.”  UF’s current (unacceptable) idea to look for new off-campus options still neglects grad students’ main wish, to save Maguire and UVS.

In February 2023, recently retired International Student Services Director Debra Anderson wrote a letter to the UF Community expressing dismay in the lack of transparency and student input regarding the unneeded closure of Maguire Village and UVS, which have been important spaces for international students for decades.

In December 2021, local attorney and free speech advocate Gary Edinger penned a letter to UF’s legal counsel about several violations of students’ rights by UF’s Housing Department officials, especially the intimidation practices of Director of Residence Life & Education Calvin Mosley against graduate students living at Maguire Village.

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